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Happier Place - The What, Why and How

A few months ago, Scott and I launched Happier Place. It's been keeping me so busy I haven't gotten around to writing about the whole endeavor here on the blog. That's changing right now!

What is Happier PlaceThe outdoor leisure brand Happier Place inspires people to get happier by having more fun outside.

Happier Place offers articles, photos and videos featuring outdoor and get-happier tips, inspiring people interviews, destination profiles, picnic and drink recipes, in addition to a few products - all to encourage people to go outside more often, enjoy nature responsibly, have fun, feel connected and create lasting memories.

We have a pretty simple core formula to get happier: Take a break. Go outside. Have fun.

Doing that allows you a respite from your responsibilities, worries, doomsday news-reporting and makes you feel more connected to the beautiful things in life. You’ll feel re-energized and happier, which will also make the people around you happier… And if we’r…

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